Tough Tennis Academy operates Monday through Friday with two sessions. The morning session runs 8-10am. While the afternoon session is 3-5:30 pm for the advanced group and 3:30-6pm for the intermediate to advanced intermediate group.  We encourage students to participate in 3 sessions a week.  Private lessons and tournament coaching will be scheduled and paid for separately. Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in participating in any of these sessions.


  1. All ages are accepted although this academy is built around intermediate to advanced players.
  2. Younger students and beginners will have a shorter academy sessions and reduced prices please contact the academy for more information
  3. Parents are not permitted to attend the academy besides drop off and pick up to ensure zero distraction and complete focus for each student
  4. No Refunds will be awarded for any reason.  Students will be allowed to make up days due to weather, illness, or personal issues within a 1 month period at academy’s discretion.  Weather cancelled academy days will be made up at the instructors discretion ONLY.  If due to weather a session is cancelled half way through, it is to count as a full session and will not be made up.